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You tube community forum > YouTube Community Talk > Script Writing And Role Playing > How about your nanjing Linggu Temple tour ?
How about your nanjing Linggu Temple tour ?
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 Posted: Wed Sep 17th, 2014 04:54 am



This huge forehead complicated has one of the most exciting structures in Nanjing - the Beamless Area (Walidng Dian). In 1381, when Hongwu was developing his grave, he had a forehead on the website ripped down and renewed a few miles to the eastern.China travel  Of this forehead only the Beamless Area (so known as because it is designed entirely of stones and contains no ray supports) continues to be. The framework has an exciting vaulted roof and a huge rock system where Buddhist sculptures once sat. In the Thirties the hall was transformed into a funeral to those who passed away in the 1926-28 trend. One of the identities on the within walls is the 01d Kuomintang nationwide anthem.
A street operates on both ends of the Area and up two flight tickets of actions to the Songfeng Ge (Pine Breeze Pavilion), initially devoted to the Goddess of Mmercy as aspect of Linggu Si. Nowadays it homes a little store and teahouse.Chinese Currency  Linggu Si itself and the funeral hall to Xuan Zang are near by; after you successfully go through the Beamless Area, convert right and adhere to the process. Xuan Zang was the Buddhist monk who journeyed to Indian and cut returning the Buddhist scriptures. Within the funeral hall is a 13-storey timber made pagoda design that contains aspect of his head, a sacrificial desk and a image of the monk.

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The forehead is the reflection of historical China rock and stone structure, constructed entirely without timber or only one fingernail. The Linggu Pagoda, 66 metres great, is the icon of the forehead. Its platform is octagonal in shape with nine experiences. The whole framework of the pagoda is of marble and ferroconcrete. There is a manage stairs as far as the top ground (252 actions in total). From the second stage to the top one, eaves above the balconies which are for touring objective, designed with blue-colored glazes.More China city tour information : Beijing travel guide
Linggu Temple used to lie at the northeast feet of the Install Zhongshan, where the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum now detects, since Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang select the position to be his mausoleum and then the forehead was shifted to the existing position.China travel packages  Linggu Temple, initially known as Jiangshan Temple, has modified its name several periods over time. The existing name Linggu Temple was given by Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor in the Ming Empire (1368-1644). It was detailed as the key nationwide forehead of Buddhism in Han nationality by the condition authorities in 1983. With massive maple, lovely perfume and pervading blossoms, the surroundings in the forehead is very enjoyable.

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You tube community forum > YouTube Community Talk > Script Writing And Role Playing > How about your nanjing Linggu Temple tour ?

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