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How to get Xvid AVI videos to Samsung Galaxy Note 2
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 Posted: Thu Jan 17th, 2013 05:46 am




Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features a 5.5  HD Super AMOLED screen offering better clarity and a 16:9 screen ratio  C perfecting all viewing experiences. The innovative design of the Galaxy Note II includes a bigger screen while maintaining a slim body to fit just right in your hand. Plus, with the 1,280 x 720 screen resolution, it s a nice portable video player for you especially on your trip. However, if you are an AVI movie fun, you mightfelt a bit let down due to its limited video formats.

I thought that all of my videos can be played perfectly on Note 2, but it wasn't the case, I think. What makes it weird is the video that can't be played are .avi files. It's my first time encounter the problem with .avi files (it always with .mkv though but surprisingly all .mkv files works perfectly, even the 8GB ones). It will only play the audio files and the video are completely blank. I've tried with stock video player & MX Player (please don't suggest to use another video player), but they'll only show the thumbnail. Should I convert that into .mkv, maybe? Just in case, not all of my .avi files can't be played. Just this one that encoded in Xvid.

In fact, the Galaxy Note II video format limit is the headache for many users. Like the above user complained that some .avi files can t be played, but some can. To solve the AVI on Galaxy Note 2 issues for the users, we did several tests, and the testing results show that Galaxy Note 2 can fully support AVI files encoded in DivX, but if the files are encoded in XviD, Galaxy Note 2 will not handle it.

Luckily, you can use the professional AVI to Galaxy Note 2 Converter to help you reformat Xvid .avi to  Galaxy Note 2 supported format. Applying it, you can tweak the video, audio settings for Galaxy Note II for getting a best quality output.

Step 1: Launch the best AVI encoder for Galaxy Note 2 and import your AVI source to the program for converting.

Step 2: Click on the dropdown menu of  Format  and then move your pointer to select Samsung > Samsung Galaxy Note(*.mp4) as the target format.

Step 3: Tap the Settings icon to modify the video, audio settings. Here we recommend you the set the video size as 1280*720 fully compatible with Galaxy Note II screen resolution and set video bitrate as 1000~1500kbps.

Step 4: Start to convert XviD to Galaxy Note II with the best quality output via clicking the Convert button.

Once the conversion completes, you can successfully import and play Xvid AVI files on Galaxy Note 2 smoothly with the best video quality without video/audio out of sync problem.

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