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so sweet on TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Driver
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 Posted: Fri Dec 28th, 2012 03:27 am



TaylorMade has engineered the 2.0 Driver with Ultra-thin Wall technology, aggressive head shape to allow for a larger face up front which creates the biggest face on any TaylorMade Driver which gives you a larger hitting area with a larger sweet spot for more forgiveness. Also it delivers more control, higher ball flight and an improved sound and feel.

I've used Ping and Taylor Made drivers all my life. I've played the taylormade r11s driver for most of the Summer and just lucked my way into the TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Driver. Instead of the ball shooting off the of the driver on a perfect trajectory like my clubs had in the past, instead I got a very mutted "thud" that did not go anywhere even when hit dead center.

Like the taylormade r11 driver, the first thing you'll notice about the SuperFast 2.0 is its white crown. By designing a driver with a black face and a white, matte-finished crown, TaylorMade is trying to create the most contrast possible in order to help golfers align the club more easily. A smooth and controlled swing will allow you to hit this club well, unless you love dumping cashon a driver thats probably much better spent on some irons. The club goes superfast all on its own with a smooth swing, you cant over-hit this club and expect to hit it straight.

The blackened face of the golf clubs for sale indicates where contact was made, so that is also helpful. Even with contact 3/4 inch off the sweet spot, I will find the fairway or near it. The ball really jumps off the club face. Now I can consistently drive on an average of 250 yards in the fairway which is great for me. The ball just takes off like a rocket. In terms of weight this is the lightest driver I came across. The sound is slightly different from the other drivers but who cares if with a smooth swing you can drive 250 yards.

I also found so sweet on this burner 2.0 driver for sale, It is the sound it makes. It sounds like Thors hammer smashing against concrete. This club will make you look better than you probably are on the course. You will look smarter for owning it. It has made golf really fun for me again, and with a lot less swearing. I find I am able to use my scoring irons now for my second shot to the green instead of middle to long irons. Taylormade got this one right, especially since I am left handed and can't find a demo club anywhere in town.

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