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Stephen Gordon Hendry—the Immortal Legand
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 Posted: Mon May 7th, 2012 09:21 am



Billiards emperor Stephen Hendry had announced his retirement after he was defeated by Stephen Maguire in the quartar-finals in the 2012 World Snooker Championship this morning, May 2nd.

Stephen Hendry has been a snooker player since 1981. In the following several years he won 3 important championship and became a professional player from 1985. During his early professional years, he gradually became well-known and he was voted the BBC Scotland Sports Personality of the Year in 1988. The 1989/90 season saw the beginning of Hendry's period of dominance. He won 6 championship including his first World Championship, which elevated him to the summit of the world rankings at the age of 21. In 1994/95, he was awarded an MBE(Member of the British Empire). In 1997, he won BBC Scotland Sports Personality of the Year award for a second time. However, his dominant position in snooker appeared to be on the wane from 1997/98 season. In that year he merely won in the Thailand Master. During 1999 to 2010, he had not maded many achievements except 2006, in which year he was able to regain the world no. 1 position. However, in recent years, he could not regain his undefeated status any more. Due to his 27 years professional player’s life, he made a decision to retire from this area, which has given his honor and grief.

During his career, Hendry has won 72 professional titles putting him second on the all-time list, behind Steve Davis. However, Hendry is the record holder for the number of ranking titles won, with 36. In addition, he has won four team titles as well as several amateur titles. I am a fan of Hendry since I has been attracted by his calm during any match. Some of these matches have become the classic of classics. I downloaded these matches with a Free YouTube Downloader and converted them to compatible format with my portible device in that case I am able to enjoy these matches wherever and whenever. I’d like to commemorate the immortal legand by this way.

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